Chant to the War Bonnet

[Chant To The Warbonnet]; Chant to the War Bonnet. Firelight and Twilight

Joseph Henry Sharp
ca. 1927; [ca. 1920]
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oil on canvas


Verso dust cover in Sharp's hand: Chant to the War Bonnet / Firelight &  Daylight; on attached notecard affixed to frame in Sharp's hand: CHANT TO THE WAR BONNET. FIRELIGHT AND TWILIGHT. SIOUX WARBONNET PICKED UP NEXT DAY ON CUSTER BATTLEFIELD. NOW IN THE GILCREASE INDIAN MUSEUM TULSA OKLAHOMA. AUTHENTIC. JHSharp

25 x 30 1/8 in.
Credit Line
Hardwood Museum of Art, Taos, NM
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bonnet, chant, firelight, war

The artist; [?]; Letha Batrum; present owner by gift

A painting of this title is recorded as being exhibited in Cincinnati at the Traxel Art Galleries show, Indian and Other Paintings in late 1927 and again in the same venue the next year. This is no doubt that work.
By 1927, such interior scenes with posed Indian figures was becoming increasingly rare in Sharp's exhibitions. The critic Mary Alexander wrote of the 1928 showing at the Traxel Art Galleries that "No one has done a better job in calling back from the past the almost legendary Indian than Mr. Sharp, but this artist's interest in the legendary Indian is wavering; only a few excellent studies are exhibited." (Cincinnati Enquirer, 12-2-28)